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Great Lakes Bow Co.

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 ➡️  Ribbon Sizes

  • 1.5": 4" bows, itty piggies, standard piggies, 5-6" boxy bows
  • 2.5": 5" fluffy bows, 6-8" bows, jumbo piggies 

➡️  make sure to select nylon or alligator clip when ordering

➡️  print placement cannot be guaranteed 

➡️  add a center to your bow here

➡️  double & triple bows will come with pre selected coordinating solid ribbon. 

  • fluffy doubles: solid color will be bottom (flat) stack & knot 
  • boxy double: solid color will be top (inner) stack, bottom tail & knot 
  • fluffy triples: solid color will be top (smallest) stack, bottom stack & knot 
  • boxy triple: solid color will be second (middle), bottom (smallest), tail & knot 

➡️  shipping is $4