Current TAT: 20-25 business days for all non custom bows


Frequently asked questions and everything else you need to know about our shop policies!


How much is shipping? 

Shipping is a flat $4 

Do you ship multiple orders at once? 

Yes and no. If you have multiple orders that are small and will be finished and ready to ship around the same time, I will combine them. However, I will NEVER make you wait for one bow that may take longer if the rest of your order or orders are ready. 

Where are your bows made?

All of our bows are made in my dog friendly, smoke free home in Chicago, IL. 

Do you do custom bows? 

Yes! I love doing customs. If you are in need of a bow for a special occasion or a M2M please reach out via email or on our VIP group here

Where are your supplies sourced from? 

We do our best to source our bow supplies from suppliers in the United States. However, some of the supplies may be made in other countries. 

Are there themes you will not make a bow for? 

Yes. Here at GLBC we will not make bows in any theme that is deemed culturally insensitive, racist, or that represents a minority and can be made by a minority owned shop. In this instance we will always be happy to help find a WOC run shop to make your bow. 

Why do you donate a portion of your profits?

By donating a portion of our profits to the Alliance of the Great Lakes we are honoring what helped inspire the name of our shop. The lakes are an important part of our families life as well as the lives of millions of others throughout the midwest, New York, and Ontario. 

Do you accept returns and offer refunds? 

Unless a bow has a defect caused by us or you are sent the wrong bow, we do not accept returns or refunds.