About Great Lakes Bow Co.

About the owner 

Hi, I'm Maryann. I'm a stay at home mom of four year old Maggie, better known as Moo, and three naughty dogs. Growing up in Arkansas, I always loved wearing bows as a girl and loved the idea of putting giant bows on my own daughter.  With Maggie now in school full time and my time freeing up, I finally had time to open my own bow shop to guarantee the type of service I expect and want from a shop; I hope to provide the exceptional service I expect to other parents looking for quality ribbon bows for their own child. 

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About the shop

Founded in June of 2020, Great Lakes Bow Co. was created after years of buying, designing, and being overall involved in the bow world. After many attempts at finding the right shop that not only created the style and sizes I wanted for her, but also was reliable, responsive, and affordable I decided to try my hand at making my own bows. So GLBC was born. Living in Chicago only 1.5 miles from Lake Michigan inspired the name for our shop as well as the decision to donate a portion of our profits to the Alliance of the Great Lakes. Not only are we making great bows but we are also supporting a great cause - the Great Lakes are such an important part of our lives and we are proud to support the natural resources of our home as we provide excellent service to our customers.